• KreditFly Launches Fastest, Low-Fee Android In-app Payments

    KreditFly introduces the fastest way for Android developers to convert paying users at half the fees of competing services.
    SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KreditFly, Inc. (www.kreditfly.com), a VC-funded company that is innovating the mobile payments space, announced today the launch of its one-touch, Android in-app payment service. The service is the fastest and most economical way for Android developers & publishers to monetize users because it requires no pre-registration and no data input from users; instead, users simply touch their phone screens once to verify payment, then the payment is complete. KreditFly does this by granting short-term credit to first-time users, but there is zero risk to developers & publishers because KreditFly guarantees this payment. Once registered, users can make repeat purchases by entering a short password to bill a payment method on file or deduct from a cash balance kept at KreditFly. Moreover, KreditFly charges fees as low as 15%, which is half the fees charged by prevailing services, and integration takes only a few minutes to complete because it requires inserting just a few lines of code (See the video demo at the following link:www.kreditfly.com/androiddemo).
    “KreditFly has been outstanding. Their Micro-credit offering has been a big hit with our community and is doing great at converting free users into paying users on our site.”
    KreditFly already works with many of the top Android app developers and online game companies, including Gamevil (Mobile games giant with hundreds of top titles), Animoca (over 100 smart phone apps, including the hugely successful “Pretty Pet Salon” series), Big Blue Bubble (Canada’s leading game studio with “Burn the Rope” and over 60 other titles), BigPoint (200 million+ registered users), Aeria Games, Gamania, Crowdmob (location-based mobile games & commerce platform), and many others.
    Vu Hoang, Co-Founder and CFO of Aeria Games, a dominant online game publisher, said “KreditFly has been outstanding. Their Micro-credit offering has been a big hit with our community and is doing great at converting free users into paying users on our site.”
    Paul Kim, Founder & CEO of KreditFly, remarked, “there is a big void in the Android market for a frictionless, in-app billing solution that can seamlessly convert paying users at low fees that make sense for developers and publishers. KreditFly is now filling this void with a one-touch payment service that requires no user input, takes only seconds to complete, and charges half the fees of other services.”
    For more information, please visit www.kreditfly.com, or email sales@kreditfly.com for developer & publisher inquiries.
    About KreditFly
    KreditFly is an innovative payment company that seeks to transform the mobile payments market by offering a seamless payment experience, flexible payment options, ubiquitous mobile phone coverage, and low merchant fees. KreditFly offers both Android in-app payments and web-based payment services to its merchant partners. The company was founded by experienced thought leaders from the online & mobile payments industry and is funded by two Silicon Valley-based venture capital firms, Altos Ventures (www.altosventures.com) and ATA Ventures (www.ataventures.com).


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