Monday, February 20, 2012

boxPAY expands mobile carrier billing services into North America

Ireland-based mobile technology firm boxPAY has opened an office in California to manage US and Canadian-based web merchants who use boxPAY‘s services and to provide billing services in the US and Canada.
boxPAY's technology allows merchants to charge customers for digital content through a mobile phone. The platform can be integrated into a merchant website. Using the mobile billing service, customers can make a purchase on a merchant website and the charge is added to their mobile bill or deducted from a prepaid balance.
boxPAY is an SMS and direct carrier billing service which allows e-businesses to charge customers for digital content through their mobile phone bill instead of a credit card. It provides in-app, one-touch billing on Android platforms, as well as subscription billing services. boxPAY is connected to mobile carriers in over 40 countries and has offices on four continents.

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