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  • Neila Jovan

    Head Hunter

    I long for the raised voice, the howl of rage or love.

  • Mathew McNalis

    Marketing CEO

    Contented with little, yet wishing for much more.

  • Michael Duo


    If anything is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.


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Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%


Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%


Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%


We help our clients integrate, analyze, and use their data to improve their business.










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  • Paint Job

    Paint Job

  • How to make a good coffee?

    How to make a good coffee?

    You may think it's easy to serve a good cup of coffe. But can you serve that coffee in style?
  • U2


  • Best Pickup Line Ever

    Best Pickup Line Ever

    I wish I was a tear.

    So I could be born in your eyes,
    live on your cheak,
    and die on your lips.
  • Nathan Samuel, Emma / Hana Nicole

    Nathan Samuel, Emma / Hana Nicole

    What were the most popular names for baby boys and girls in the 1880s? The 1960s? Last year? This cultural snapshot provides table after table of popularity rankings by decade, by state, and, starting in 1990, year by year. Data is based on a 5% sampling of social security card applications. The site can't tell you if your Conor will be the only Conor in his kindergarten class, but it can tell you that Connor (spelled with 2 n's) is a far more common spelling.
  • Look At My Striped Shirt!

    Look At My Striped Shirt!

    Look at my button down striped shirt! Fucking look at it! This shirt means one thing! I’m coming home with some pussy tonight! That’s right! It’s been a long week at the office and it’s time to blow off a little steam! I am a Junior Vice President! I have business cards that say “Junior Vice President” on them! They’re glossy and magnificent! Here! Have one! Take it!

    My boys are coming out with me tonight! They all have striped shirts too!
  • Internet Urinal

    Internet Urinal

    Shopping, gaming, chat rooms, cyber-dating - the internet is such an addictive and time-consuming force, who's got time to go? With the Internet Urinal, you'll never have to leave your computer again.
  • Pet store owner: Satan's image on turtle's shell

    Pet store owner: Satan's image on turtle's shell

    MICHIGANTOWN, Indiana (AP) -- An Indiana pet store owner says he sees the image of Satan on the shell of a turtle that was the only survivor of a store fire in October.
  • Clocky


    Clocky is a clock for people who have trouble getting out of bed. When the snooze bar is pressed, Clocky rolls off the table and finds a hiding spot, a new one every day.
  • Man with 'TIPSY' plate faces DUI charges

    Man with 'TIPSY' plate faces DUI charges

    Having a vanity plate that reads "TIPSY" may not be such a great idea after all. Josiah Johnson, 23, said his license plate might have tipped off the Clay County sheriff's deputy who pulled him over Friday after he left Coach's Sports Pub in Moorhead.Now he faces third-degree drunken driving charges after his blood-alcohol level allegedly registered twice the legal limit.Johnson said he bought the personalized license plate for his Jeep to describe the way it rode -- then kept it as a joke when he got a Chevy Silverado because he likes to party."It doesn't mean I drink and drive," he said. "It just means I have a good time."
  • "Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental."
  • procrastination is like mastrbation - it feels really good until you realise you just fcked yourself
  • "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."
    Ephesians 4:1
  • 50 Things Guys Call Breasts

    50 Things Guys Call Breasts

    Mosquito bites
    Blouse bunnies
    Your eyes (as in, “I was looking into your eyes.”)
    Ground Zero
    Life vest
    Got Milk!
    Ben & Jerry
    Golden bozos
    Google hits
    Buttery goodness
    Pleasure pillows
    Fun bags
    Milk spouts
    Radio knobs
    The Girls
    The Twins
    The Rent
    Sweater puppies
    Mounds of Joy
    Me lucky charms
  • Court upholds Quebec's white margarine

    Court upholds Quebec's white margarine

    Canadian Press

    Friday, March 18, 2005

    OTTAWA (CP) - Quebecers will continue to eat white margarine, at least for now, after the Supreme Court rejected arguments from manufacturer Unilever which opposed provincial restrictions against the sale of yellow margarine.
  • Traditional Values Coalition

    Traditional Values Coalition

    This informational service is designed to provide reporters, editors, and other opinion leaders with accurate information on the relationship between homosexuality and the molestation of children. It will also expose and debunk dozens of factually inaccurate urban legends created by homosexual activist groups to promote their political and social agenda.
  • Woman's Dictionary

    Woman's Dictionary

    * Yes = No.
    * No = Yes.
    * Maybe = No.
    * I'm sorry = You'll be sorry.
    * We need = I want.
    * It's your decision = My correct decision should be obvious by now.
    * Do what you want = You'll pay for this later.
    * We need to talk = I need to complain.
    * Sure go ahead = I don't want you to.
    * I'm not upset = Of course I'm upset, you moron.
    * This kitchen is so inconvenient = I want a new house.
    * I want new curtains = carpeting, furniture, and wallpaper.
    * I heard a noise = I noticed you were almost asleep.
    * Do you love me? = I'm going to ask for something expensive.
    * How much do you love me? = I did something today you're going to hate.
    * I'll be ready in a minute = Kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV.
    * You have to learn to communicate = Just agree with me.
    * Are you listening to me!? = Too late, you're dead.
  • VW


    ......>....(_]/______________ \[_)
  • A History of Communications 35,000 BC - 1998 AD

    A History of Communications 35,000 BC - 1998 AD

    The Nomadic Age
    35,000 BC First paleolithic "writings."


    1998 Motorola's Iridium global sattelite system begins operation (Eleventh Information Revolution).
  • "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."
    Peter 3:8
  • Mk2


    /____ [SOUL DT]____\
  • On Monday 24 February 1992 at a ceremony on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Cobain married Courtney Love

    On Monday 24 February 1992 at a ceremony on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Cobain married Courtney Love

  • What does 'Erin go braugh' mean?

    What does 'Erin go braugh' mean?

    It means (Ireland go Brave) a battle cry.

    It means Ireland Forever.

    Éireann go Brách = Ireland Forever Pronunciation: /Erin guh brawk

    Quite literally, it means "Ireland Forever." To put it in our very incompetent English terms, "long live Ireland."

    This Gaelic phrase is a popular motto and war cry. It is most often translated as "Ireland Be Free" and has a number of alternative spellings: Not to be confused with "Erin go deo" meaning Ireland Forever.
  • Next Stop - NEVERLAND !

    Next Stop - NEVERLAND !

  • Only in Canada

    Only in Canada

    What can you find an hour outside St. John's Newfoundland ?
  • A Canadian Philosophy

    A Canadian Philosophy

  • Beautiful Beer

    Beautiful Beer

    Pub bosses want to sell beer by the third of a pint to attract women drinkers. In a bid to make beer more appealing to female pubgoers, the industry want to serve smaller measures instead of the traditional pints and half pints.

    And to get away from its macho image of lager louts and bearded real ale buffs, the new measure could be poured into wine glasses for a more sophisticated look.

    The campaign is called Beautiful Beer and will be launched later this year by a group made up of the big brewers and industry body the British Beer & Pub Association.
  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

  • The unspoken language of...

    The unspoken language of...

    ...love the office. If a picture is better than a thousand words, then a person's body language has got to "speak" volumes. A lot of the focus on body language at work has been on how to avoid looking all twitchy and nervous. Not much is mentioned about how to use body language to get people out of your office. And I'm not just talking about that bare-toothed hiss that you've perfected. Here are a select few tips for your unspoken pleasure. Some are classics, others are more subtle. All are effective...
  • Learn Japanese in an Hour

    Learn Japanese in an Hour

    To those who yearn to dash up what may be the Mount Everest of foreign languages -- Japanese -- take heart.

    A genial journalist named T.R. Reid swears he can teach an audience to read Japanese in an hour.

    "And I'll throw in Chinese as a bonus," said Reid, who will demonstrate his lightning linguistics in San Francisco tonight.

    "I guarantee it," said Reid, who comments on National Public Radio, writes best-selling books and has headed Washington Post bureaus from London to Tokyo.

    And if it can be done the other way around, you can see at Engrish.
  • Its an all terrain vehicle, right?

    Its an all terrain vehicle, right?

    I thought y'all might enjoy this. This is a brand spankin' new GM H2 in all its "glory" that went for a little joy ride at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA

    Heres what happened: This chick took her mom and kids out for a ride at 3AM and saw construction and dirt and so forth around the campus. She thought to herself "hey, this is an H2, i saw it in a commercial and it could do anything. Its an all terrain vehicle, right?"
  • I Found Jesus

    I Found Jesus

    Jesus is hiding somewhere in your kid-brother's room and you gotta find Him! But Jesus is a much better hider than He was before AND he's not alone! So when you find Jesus, scream out I FOUND JESUS!
  • Songfacts


    Songfacts is a searchable database of song information compiled by radio professionals, music enthusiasts, and visitors to this web site. We hope using this site will help you better understand and enjoy the songs you listen to, and invite you to share your knowledge with us so that others may benefit. We provide the album, year the song was released, highest US and UK chart position, and "Songfacts" about each song. The "Songfacts" are interesting tidbits like what the song is about, who wrote it, and what makes it different.
  • Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson

    1 July 1967, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
  • Hockey night on Mount Everest

    Hockey night on Mount Everest

    A 17-member Canadian expedition to Mt. Everest this month will attempt to set two records. Team members will play hockey on the Khumbu glacier, on the world's highest mountain, in honour of the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the U.S.S.R. And team leader, Dr. Sean Egan, 62, of Almonte, Ont. will attempt to be the oldest Canadian to scale the famous Himalayan peak.

    "It will be the highest Canadian hockey game ever played," Terry Kell, a member said at a press conference yesterday at Ryerson University to announce the expedition.
  • HitMan - Professional Killings

    HitMan - Professional Killings

    We are a privately-owned independent enterprise that specializes in reliable contract killings. We offer a variety of assassination services, customized to suit particular needs of our clients.

    Our firm consists of a small team of highly-skilled, and experienced, specialists. We at HitMan are the industry leader in innovative killing approaches and have built a lasting reputation over decades of outstanding services for clients on five continents.

    Instead of fiddling around with amateur killing techniques and messing up crime scenes just pick up the phone and give us a call. After reviewing your case, our team will develop a customized package that is best-suited for your particular situation. You provide us with the name of your mark, along with a photo and personal details, and take a vacation; we'll make sure one of our specialists sends flowers to the grieving widow while you enjoy your Margaritas on the beach.
  • How to Fake Your Own Death

    How to Fake Your Own Death

    Have you ever just wanted to just disappear and leave all your debts and problems behind? No problem. You just have to fake your own death. Unfortunately, with technology getting so much better, it’s harder than ever. The same tricks that worked for Elvis, won’t work for you.

    The key to making this whole plan work is to make sure absolutely no one knows. Not even your mother. You won’t be able to come back, ever. If you want to eliminate your debt, but still have your life, this plan isn’t for you. This is for someone who wants to disappear forever.
  • Ladies in Waiting

    Ladies in Waiting

    So you been to the market
    And the meat looks good tonight
    And the ladies in waiting
    Will show you what it's all about
    Their selection is inviting
    They sure look hot tonight
    And the ladies in waiting
    Will show you what it's all about
    And so you move on down the line
    All the ladies are lookin' fine, so fine
    Ladies in waiting, ladies in waiting, ladies in waiting
  • Finger length 'key to aggression'

    Finger length 'key to aggression'

    The length of a man's fingers can reveal how physically aggressive he is, Canadian scientists have said.
    The shorter the index finger is compared to the ring finger, the more boisterous he will be, University of Alberta researchers said.

    Nobody is talking about the middle finger though....
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    So you wake up in the morning and the whole world is white. But the teachers refuse to keep the school closed. Learning is far too important. What do you do then, even if you're only four years old? You barricade the school.
  • Emerald Bile

    Emerald Bile

    What are you fucking looking at? Ball Bag and Noreen would like you to fuck off. We don’t want people here. People who comment on blogs are normally arseholes. This is somewhere for us to discuss things, things we care about. Things like skiing and tennis and the never-ending coverage of that fucking wave, and the fact that Robbie Williams is a cunt. We don’t like John Lennon much either.
  • The 8 phases of goatse

    The 8 phases of goatse

    A phenomenon known as "goatse" has taken the internet by storm, in what has become the fad from hell that just won't die. Don't know what goatse is? It's a picture, go look it up, can't miss it. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the goatse is...you must see it for yourself....

    The 8 phases of goatse. And it's actually SFW...
  • Japoname


    You wonder what your name looks like in Chinese? Go to Japoname and check it out.

    What? Japoname....Chinese characters? Isn't that a bit strange or confusing?
  • What Football team ?

    What Football team ?

    So you're a big football fan? Prove it. How many of the clublogo's do you know right away in this UEFA Clubbadges Test.
  • DownTime Hosting - Devastation Online

    DownTime Hosting - Devastation Online

    Need a new home for your website?
    Sick of paying big bucks for decent web hosting?
    Tighter than a mouse's fanny?
    DownTime Web Hosting has what you need! Piss poor hosting at a price that's right!

    You see, here at DownTime Hosting, we don't give a stuff about you or your site. All we care about is your money. The moment you become slightly annoying to us, like the moment you realise our service is crap, we will cut your off with not so much as a second thought or simple reply. That's our promise to you! Just give us your money, wave goodbye to your data, and we'll be as happy as a cat with a strawberry flavoured arsehole!
  • Yodel Course

    Yodel Course

    If you're planning on spending your holidays this year in Switzerland or Austria, you have to prepare yourself for those countries. You have to know about their local customs and be able to join in. Right now we are going to start learning you a not so simple thing. You're going to take part in a Yodel Course.

    This is their disclaimer:
    I take no resposibility for the consequences of yodeling in social situations. This includes: lawsuits, strange looks, uproarious laughing, traffic accidents, major moves up or down in the stock martket, divorces or loss of employment. However I do accept full responsibility for the smiles and laughter the practice of yodeling might elicit.

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