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  • NPD Working with MEF to Provide Mobile Game Sales Data

    NPD Working with MEF to Provide Mobile Game Sales Data

    In addition to tracking PC and video game sales data (and recently online subscriptions), NPD will soon provide mobile game sales charts with the help of MEF.

    NPD Working with MEF to Provide Mobile Game Sales Data

    The NPD Group has announced that it's partnering with Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) to provide sales charts for the U.S. mobile games industry. Similar to NPD's video game data, the chart will be issued on a monthly basis and will cover popular games and total sales. MEF and NPD said they intend to use the data "to promote and create awareness within the mobile games space."

    "Until now, mobile gaming was a sector of the industry that had been wholly under-tracked for the U.S. market," said Jill Braff, SVP of Global Publishing at Glu Mobile and a leader of the MEF Mobile Games Chart initiative.

    "NPD is very excited to be working with MEF on its mobile games sales chart initiative. Our experience in providing tracking and insight to the video game industry, along with MEF's mobile content expertise, will help us provide the most complete picture of mobile games possible," stated Martin Zagorsek, vice president of games and software for The NPD Group.

    "MEF continues to spearhead initiatives that are essential to the mobile entertainment industry, and our U.S. mobile games chart with NPD is meeting an essential market need. To date, there hasn't been a reliable market source for obtaining the latest aggregated figures in mobile gaming for the U.S. By joining forces with NPD Group, we are bringing the industry's credible resource on games to market," added Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director.

    GameDaily BIZ intends to bring this monthly data in our charts section just as we do with PC and video game data on a regular basis. via GameDaily

  • Top 100 Recruiter Search Words

    Top 100 Recruiter Search Words

    These are the most popular words recruiters have searched for in the past week. This list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often to keep on top of trends.
    via TheLadders.com
  • Valve Announces Steam Cloud, Network to Store Saved Games

    Valve Announces Steam Cloud, Network to Store Saved Games

    Valve today announced Steam Cloud, a new system in Steam that will retain gamers' saved games and configuration files indefinitely.

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  • Mandalay Media Acquires Casual Publisher Green Screen

    Mandalay Media Acquires Casual Publisher Green Screen

    Development stage company Mandalay Media, a division of media production company Mandalay Entertainment Group devoted to building new media distribution and content companies, has signed a letter of intent to purchase casual games developer and publisher Green Screen Interactive Software.

    Based in New York City, Green Screen debuted to the public in late April with the acquisitions of formerly independent publishers Destination Software, Inc. and ZOO Digital Publishing. Destination Software will act as a casual games subsidiary of ZOO Digital Publishing, now named Zoo Games.

    Mandalay Media has recent made moves to acquire various types of companies in digital distribution, interactive entertainment, and online digital media and publishing. In January, the company acquired Twistbox Entertainment, a mobile games and content provider with over 100 mobile operators in more than 40 countries.

    Mandalay Entertainment Group, Mandalay Media's parent company, owns a collection of media-related companies, including Mandalay Television and Mandalay Pictures, the latter being the film studio behind movies such as Sleepy Hollow and the I Know What You Did Last Summer series. Its Mandalay Sports Entertainment subsidiary manages and owns several minor-league baseball teams.

    Said Green Screen Interactive Software CEO Ron Chaimowitz: “The ability to introduce entertainment across a diverse array of mass-market consumer devices is critical to long-term success. Our pending combination with Mandalay Media affords us that great capability, and we are excited at the potential of the new company.” via gamasutra
  • DIC, Vivendi Partner for Digital Distribution

    DIC, Vivendi Partner for Digital Distribution

    Vivendi Ent. and DIC Ent. have entered into a partnership to make DIC’s children’s programs available to consumers through a variety of online and mobile digital channels. DIC’s vast library of animation programming includes such popular shows as Inspector Gadget, Madeline, Horseland, Dino Squad, Liberty's Kids, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros. and The Littles.

    “We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like Vivendi Entertainment,” says Frederic Soulie, VP of interactive and new media for DIC Ent. “Vivendi’s digital distribution team excels at evaluating emerging technologies and digital distribution, and we believe our partnership will significantly extend the reach of our catalog.”

    DIC’s programming will be made available for download through various digital partners including download providers, mobile carriers and the next generation of in-home device manufactures. Content from DIC’s library has appeared on major broadcast outlets around the world and is currently seen each Saturday morning during CBS’ KEWLopolis block. via animationmagazine

  • Zinio puts hundreds of digital magazines a click away

    Zinio puts hundreds of digital magazines a click away

    SAN FRANCISCO — The future of magazine publishing increasingly is appearing on a digital display — not just a newsstand.

    Advancements in software and hardware are making it easier for a growing faction of consumers — including coveted younger readers called screen-agers — to read their favorite publications on the Internet or download and read them later offline.

    "It's not Jetsons. It's real," says Richard Maggiotto, CEO of Zinio, one of a dozen or so companies that specialize in creating digital editions of magazines and newspapers.

    "We aren't trying to erode print systems, but give publishers another way to redistribute their content," he says. "It gives readers what they want in media formats they are increasingly using, such as iPhone, iPod, PCs."

    The San Francisco-based Zinio and similar ventures could be a lifeline for the magazine and newspaper industries as readers — especially younger ones — migrate to the Internet and electronic devices to get their news.

    Potentially, more may follow, with developments in "e-paper" technology. E Ink and Plastic Logic are developing flexible screen technology that will let consumers read content in color while on the move, says David Renard, senior analyst at market researcher MediaIdeas. By 2020, e-paper will be a $25 billion industry, he says. Amazon.com and Sony are among those that have created wireless reading devices. Amazon's Kindle lets people buy books and access other content over Sprint's wireless broadband network.

    Digital versions of magazines "are a far superior reading experience in that the website is endless. There are billions of pages, where you can drift on tangents stemming from each story," says Bo Sacks, publisher of consultant Precision Media Group.

    The growing popularity of virtual magazines could be a panacea for foreign publishers — many of whom want to crack the U.S. market but are hindered by distance and mailing costs — and it extends the reach of American publications to rural areas, where many titles are hard to find.

    "It's a cost-efficient way to get an issue to a subscriber who wants it immediately," says Peter Winn, a director in the consumer marketing department at Bonnier, which produces more than 40 magazines, including Field and Stream and Popular Science.

    Zinio is at the vanguard of digital publishing. It has created electronic versions of over 750 magazines, including BusinessWeek, Elle, Redbook, Playboy and Car and Driver. Consumers access them from their PC, iPhone or iPod Touch anytime — before magazines hit newsstands. Zinio gets a cut of sales as online distributor, Maggiotto says. Consumers pay publishers for online editions — be it for a subscription, single issue or back issue.

    The digital editions let readers click on links embedded in articles and ads to peruse video, audio and related stories. That, no doubt, is pleasing the growing ranks of digital magazine subscribers.

    To be sure, the electronic magazines take a little getting used to. To turn pages, for instance, people must click on the upper right-hand corner of a page. And they must navigate a series of links to find details about particular stories.

    But, "Now I read the news when it happens — not when my magazine arrives days later," says Bud Clark, a 64-year-old retiree in Lyons, Ore. For nearly a year, he has subscribed to the digital version of Macworld. Previously, he received it through a mail subscription.

    "I can flip through the pages on my PC screen, like you would leaf through a magazine," he says.

    Reaching new readers

    Services like Zinio's can't come soon enough for magazine publishers.

    In the second half of 2007, paid circulation of consumer magazines fell 1.7%, to $277 million from $282 million in the first half of that year. The decline has been steady for seven years, since the industry's paid circulation peaked in 2000, says Audit Bureau of Circulations.

    At the same time, the number of Internet users at home and at work worldwide now is 850 million, compared with 731 million in late 2006, according to market researcher ComScore. Such wrenching changes have not been lost on magazine publishers.

    "To keep pace with a new generation of readers, providing a choice of print or digital, and expanding our online offerings as flexible full-color screens and e-paper emerges, makes sense," says Phyllis Rotunno, senior vice president of subscription circulation at Playboy Enterprises.

    Since Playboy launched a digital edition in 2005 with the help of Zinio, it has sold some 1.7 million digital issues. They cost $19.97 for a dozen issues, and $4.99 for a single issue. (Playboy's average annual magazine circulation is 2.6 million.) Main selling points of the digital magazine version include the ability to zoom in and out on photos, view video and photo outtakes and listen to music clips.

    Zinio also recently partnered with Barnes & Noble to sell digital magazines on the book chain's website. What is more, Zinio offers for free 120 "digital classics" such as Moby Dick, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Great Expectations through its website, zinio.com. The books are downloadable.

    Maggiotto is particularly proud that digital publishing is also good for the environment.

    An estimated 12 billion magazine issues are printed each year in the USA. Yet 70% of newsstand copies go unsold, he says. Consequently, the equivalent of 35 million trees are chopped down each year to produce many issues that go unsold, according to the non-profit Co-op America, which tracks paper consumption in the publishing industry.

    Playboy, for example, has saved $1.2 million from lower manufacturing, distribution, paper and postal costs.

    "We're saving publishers money and the forests trees," Maggiotto says. "It can't get much better than that." via usatoday

  • Id Software drops out of ESA

    Id Software drops out of ESA

    GamePolitics is reporting that id Software – which recently confirmed that Doom 4 is in the works – has chosen not to renew its membership with the Electronic Software Association, joining a growing list of recent departures that includes major game companies such as Activision, Vivendi and LucasArts.

    There’s no clear indication as to why these companies are leaving the ESA, which serves as the umbrella organization for the game industry putting on the annual E3 conference, but it is rumored that it is the current ESA president, Mike Gallagher’s lack of leadership that has caused many of these companies to abandon the association.

    E3 has long been the single biggest gaming event and conference in the world, but has been losing steam in recent years following its decision to stop accepting public attendees to become more of an invite-only show. Now, with a growing number of big names dropping out of E3 and ESA, one can only wonder what this year’s show will look like. via techspot
  • A Few More suggestions for dumping DRM...

    A Few More suggestions for dumping DRM...

    Apple's Jobs left a few music downloading scenarios off his list. Here's a suggestion for testing his proposal to ditch DRM

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  • Is DRM Doomed? The Case Against Digital-Rights Management --

    Is DRM Doomed? The Case Against Digital-Rights Management --

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called for the elimination of DRM. At the same time, content providers continue to search for a magic technical elixir that'll protect their revenue streams against unauthorized copying.

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  • Quick Query: Selling Digital Content Via Major Retailers

    Quick Query: Selling Digital Content Via Major Retailers

    Karl Hirsch is the CEO of Protexis (Protexis.com), a company that links retail outlets with companies wanting to sell digital content such as software, music, video, e-books and other digital products. What does Protexis do?We help publishers of digital content sell and fulfill content through established online... [...]

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  • Ingram Micro: 'Good show, but room for improvement'

    Ingram Micro: 'Good show, but room for improvement'

    Channel Expo 08: Distributor praises high footfall and opportunities but says there is room for growth

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  • Valve's Doug Lombardi: PC Gaming Is Not Dying

    Valve's Doug Lombardi: PC Gaming Is Not Dying

    What does Valve think of the PC Gaming Alliance? Are they as tired of the PC gaming "problem" as we are? What is at the root of the issue, anyway? Read on for some answers.

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  • Q&A: Seagate CEO talks about making money in storage

    Q&A: Seagate CEO talks about making money in storage

    It’s not about physical distribution. It’s about electronic distribution. VB: Do you think that Google is ever going to charge me for all of the stuff I ...

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  • Blockbuster lifts the curtain on its digital entertainment plan

    Blockbuster lifts the curtain on its digital entertainment plan

    Blockbuster Inc. isn't about to cede the emerging market for digital entertainment content to archrival Netflix Inc.

    The company, No. 35 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, is set to roll out an interactive kiosk program at a select number of Blockbuster stores in June. Blockbuster has signed a testing agreement with NCR Corp., which develops kiosk and point-of-sale systems for the retailing industry, and is in discussions with other manufacturers of web-enabled handheld devices. "We are actively exploring options to distribute that entertainment content to our customers via many different digital platforms that are available and emerging in the marketplace," Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes told analysts on the company's recent first quarter earnings call. "We also are acquiring digital entertainment distribution rights that we know would be appealing to our customers. In other words, growing the biggest library that we can establish."

    Blockbuster, which in April began discussions to acquire Circuit City Inc., is moving aggressively into the digital entertainment distribution business. Though the company has yet to announce details, Blockbuster in June will also roll out a new digital download service on Blockbuster.com using technology from its acquisition of Movielink LLC in August. "Our acquisition of Movielink provided both digital content and a distribution tool," Keyes told analysts. "We have a new online service in beta testing now and we are planning to make it available to all customers in June. The extensive library of over 9,000 titles gives us one of the largest digital video on demand and day-date electronic sell-through libraries in the marketplace."

    The market for digital entertainment distribution is heating up. Netflix, No. 17 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, on Tuesday announced The Netflix Player by Roku, a device that enables Netflix subscribers to instantly stream a growing library of movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly to the TV. The hardware, manufactured by Roku Inc. is priced at just under $100.

    But Blockbuster also is looking to sign up more exclusive digital distribution agreements as the final component of its strategy. "We are actively exploring opportunities to acquire content and to develop partners for distribution to the personal computer, the portable device and ultimately to the home," Keyes told analysts. "Our goal is to be the most convenient source for media entertainment with the reinvigoration of our core rental business, the expansion of our retail offerings and our new digital initiatives."

    Blockbuster is pursuing new e-commerce initiatives at the same time it's working to improve the overall performance of the business. In the first quarter Blockbuster posted net income of $45.4 million on revenue of $1.39 billion, compared with a net loss of $94.4 million on sales of $1.47 billion for the first quarter of 2007. Revenue declined as a result of operating fewer stores, the company says. Blockbuster no longer breaks out e-commerce numbers in its quarterly earnings. via internet retailer

  • Circuit City Honors 'Best in Class' Vendors

    Circuit City Honors 'Best in Class' Vendors

    Sixth Annual Recognition Awards Issued

    RICHMOND, Va., May 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Circuit City Stores,
    Inc. today honored vendors who put customers first while demonstrating
    "best in class" performance with the sixth annual Circuit City Vendor
    Recognition Awards.

    The awards are split into two categories: merchandising vendor
    excellence and supply chain vendor excellence. The 13 vendors chosen for
    the 2007 Merchandising Vendor Excellence Award have shown a commitment to
    Circuit City and its customers by focusing on the growth of the business
    relationship, supply chain performance, product profitability and
    year-over-year impact on Circuit City's revenue.

    The 27 vendors honored with the 2007 Supply Chain Excellence Award have
    maintained consistent delivery performance in a flexible consumer
    environment, allowing for a reduction in cost of the supply chain while
    ensuring products are delivered as scheduled.

    "We truly appreciate these vendors for their commitment to Circuit City
    and our customers," said John Kelly, senior vice president, merchandising.
    "In a dynamic customer environment, their continued dedication and
    allegiance to excellent service allows Circuit City to offer its customers
    the latest technologies at competitive prices."

    2007 Merchandising Vendor Excellence Awards Winners
    Hewlett-Packard US Operations
    Sony Electronics
    Samsung Electronics America
    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
    Universal Music Group Distribution

    2007 Supply Chain Excellence Awards Winners
    Mitsubishi Digital Electronics
    Cobra Electronics
    Case Logic
    Toshiba American Information Systems
    Polk Audio
    Electronic Arts
    Jasco Products
    Metra Electronics
    Cyber Acoustics
    EB Carlson Marketing
    Samsung Electronics America
    Hewlett-Packard US Operations
    Sony Electronics
    DXG Technology

    About Circuit City Stores, Inc.

    Circuit City Stores, Inc. (NYSE: CC) is a leading specialty retailer of
    consumer electronics and related services. The domestic segment operates
    through 686 Superstores and 9 outlet locations in 158 U.S. markets. The
    international segment operates through approximately 800 retail stores and
    dealer outlets in Canada. Circuit City also operates Web sites at
    http://www.circuitcity.com, http://www.thesource.ca and
  • PCSecurityShield is Named in Internet Retailer's 2008 Top 500 Guide

    PCSecurityShield is Named in Internet Retailer's 2008 Top 500 Guide

    Security software company sees rapid online growth in 2007.

    Reaching the Internet Retailer Top 500 isn't just about sales goals, it is about service and providing high quality products

    Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 16, 2008 -- PCSecurityShield, anInternet security company, has been named among the top 500 e-retailers by the 2008 edition of Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide.

    The Top 500 Guide is a publication issued by Internet Retailer which ranks America's 500 largest e-retailers based on annual Web sales. The 2008 results are based on Internet Retailer's definitive ranking and analysis of e-retailers' annual 2007 Internet sales (researched by Internet Retailer and confirmed by retailers). The report includes company financial information, operational and performance data, and vendors in 18 key categories.

    PCSecurityShield was ranked number 55 in the Computers/Electronics Category and number 491 overall. "Reaching the Internet Retailer Top 500 isn't just about sales goals, it is about service and providing high quality products," says Arthur Frischman, President of PCSecurityShield, "We are proud to be recognized within the Internet industry, but we are also proud of the service we have provided to hundreds of thousands of our loyal customers."

    If sales are an indication of consumer satisfaction, PCSecurityShield is on the ball. In an industry where customer support is a hot-button issue, PCSecurityShield has managed to maintain a personal level of service for its customers while achieving a phenomenal level of growth.

    About PCSecurityShield:
    PCSecurityShield offers a full line of downloadable security software products. Along with it flagship product, The Shield Deluxe, PCSecurityShield offers 10 Internet security products that protect the average consumer from today's online threats. Featuring low-cost and easy-to-install software programs, PCSecurityShield's products are a viable and affordable solution to computer security needs. To find out more about PCSecurityShield and its product offerings please visit www.pcsecurityshield.com.

    About Internet Retailer:
    Published by Chicago-based Vertical Web Media LLC, Internet Retailer is a monthly national business magazine, web site conference and directory that serve the retailing community. The Internet Retailer family of products focuses on the Internet's vital role in a wide array of retailing activities, including web merchandising, supply chain management and multi-channel integration. Its 42,000+ subscribers are senior executives primarily from retail chains, independent stores, catalogs, virtual merchants and brand name manufacturers. Internet Retailer's circulation represents the largest multi-channel readership base of any retailing magazine. The magazine also publishes the most widely read e-mail newsletter in retailing, IRNewsLink, which is distributed four times weekly to 37,000 opt-in subscribers, operates the largest retailing information web site, InternetRetailer.com, sponsors the largest conference in the e-retailing industry as well as the annual Web Design conference and publishes an annual ranking of the 500 largest web sites.

  • CBS to Buy GameSpot Parent CNET for $1.8 Billion

    CBS to Buy GameSpot Parent CNET for $1.8 Billion

    More and more big media are getting in the game. Fox owns IGN, and now GameSpot is about to join the CBS family in a deal that will give the TV network a significant web presence.

    According to Reuters and other news agencies, CBS announced today that it has reached a deal with CNET Networks to buy the web publisher for $1.8 billion (which is $11.50 per share and represents a 45 percent premium to the closing price on Wednesday). With the Internet stealing time from TV watching, networks need to find a way to reach the web audience.

    "When you can combine the entertainment assets, the news assets, the platforms that are available with technology, the cross advertising opportunities, it just gives us great scale," CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said during a conference call.

    In addition to gaining GameSpot, CBS will get ZDNet, TV.com, and UrbanBaby.com. The TV network hopes to use the deal to accelerate its web growth and complement its sites such as CBSSports.com and CBSNews.com. CNET Networks posted revenues of $406 million in 2007. CBS believes the acquisition will be accretive to earnings right away; the combined companies are expected to achieve sales of $1 billion by 2010 or 2011.

    The deal is expected to close in the third quarter and represents the largest since CBS split from Viacom in late 2005. According to Moonves, the deal is going to be funded from excess cash on CBS' balance sheet and won't affect the company's dividend. When the transaction is complete, CBS's digital properties combined with CNET Networks will have a web audience of about 200 million users worldwide and 54 million unique monthly users in the U.S. via GameDaily

  • EA CEO: PC Gaming Has Been Growing for Years

    EA CEO: PC Gaming Has Been Growing for Years

    Sure, there's no Madden on PC, but with games like Crysis, Spore, Battlefield Heroes and more, EA remains committed to what the company feels is actually a growth market.

    During the Q&A session with analysts and investors on EA's earnings conference call, Chief Executive John Riccitiello pointed out that the PC games industry is actually doing just fine when you look at the total picture rather than isolating "soft" retail sales.

    "I certainly recognize that the box side of PC is soft. It's been soft for some time. Frankly, if it were not for The Sims and World of Warcraft PC box sales, it'd be a pretty dismal sector," he acknowledged.

    Thankfully for the PC market, retail is just one very small slice of the complete picture. "I would point, out, however, that one of the fastest growing parts of this industry is the subscription and micro-transaction [business] and casual games, much of which is centered on the PC," Riccitiello continued. "So one of the things we try to look at at EA is the total business... and we're seeing a growth business there. In fact, it's been growing for several years. It's just been categorized wrongly by simply looking at the box side of the equation."

  • Tech companies stand firm in theface of global credit crunch

    Tech companies stand firm in theface of global credit crunch

    Sony, Ingram Micro and Apple all see record breaking quarters as industry rebukes fears

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  • Skitch Public Beta!

    Skitch Public Beta!

    Skitch, THE snapshot / drawing application for the Mac OS, has just moved to public beta. Skitch == love.

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  • JupiterResearch: Multi-Channel E-Commerce Expansion Vital to Online Retail Success

    JupiterResearch: Multi-Channel E-Commerce Expansion Vital to Online Retail Success

    A majority of online retailers consider multi-channel expansion as a key component in their marketing strategies, according to a new study conducted by JupiterResearch and Internet Retailer.

    Seventy-five percent of online retailers surveyed cited multi-channel expansion as a key component in their marketing strategies, while a staggering ninety-eight percent said that they market on at least two online channels.

    Sponsored by ChannelAdvisor, a provider of e-commerce channel management solutions, this new study provides in- depth insights into the fundamental issues driving multi-channel online retailing.

    ChannelAdvisor notes that the recent findings deliver a “unique perspective on how online retailers are capitalizing on the full spectrum of e-commerce channels and explore the benefits and the challenges of expanding their reach.”

    More than 70 percent of retailers who reported using multiple online channels, according to the study, enjoyed increased sales. Also, 80 percent realize increased customer acquisitions while 71 percent report significant growth in qualified customers.

    The findings were similar for those retailers who reported outsourcing their multi-channel initiatives. The study finds that 69 percent report increased sales, while 65 report increased customer acquisition. Also, approximately 60 percent experience higher returns on marketing spend.

    The results provide actionable information for retailers who are evaluating online programs including paid and organic search, and comparison shopping engines, according to Brad Wolansky, vice president of global E-Commerce at The Orvis Company.

    Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor, said that this survey suggests that ChannelAdvisor has a unique opportunity to help retailers assess where they in the multi-channel life cycle and the implications for moving forward.

    “Clearly, going multi-channel is the first step. To be truly successful, they need to define what they expect from their e-commerce solution providers in terms of marketing spend and efficiencies to judge the overall profitability of the relationship,” he added.

    Anshu Shrivastava is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To see more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.
    via tmcnet
  • Ingram Micro and Minicom seal German deal

    Ingram Micro and Minicom seal German deal

    Jay Forbes, president at Ingram Micro EMEADigital signage distribution systems outfit Minicom has inked a strategic alliance with distribution giant Ingram Micro for the German market. The move forms part of Ingram’s plan to position itself as a leader in the booming digital signage market by providing end-to-end solutions.

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  • Protexis Announces Record Growth

    Protexis Announces Record Growth

    Protexis REDSM experienced a record quarter-over-quarter gross sales growth rate of 82%, resulting in a 232% increase in quarterly sales volume in that time period, and a 159% increase in total units sold in that same time period. In addition, April results showed a nearly 40% increase in RED sales over the prior month.

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  • Asus (The $349 Linux Laptop) Doubles Quarterly Sales

    Asus (The $349 Linux Laptop) Doubles Quarterly Sales

    Asus is forecasting the that its Eee PCs quarterly sales will double next quarter. Could this be the device that mainstreams the Linux Desktop??

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  • Valve Lets Off Steamworks SDK

    Valve Lets Off Steamworks SDK

    Now putting Steam support in your game is easier than ever with the new Steamworks Software Development Kit. It helps with copy protection issues, networking features and auto-updating.

    Valve announced today that they have released their Steamworks Software Development Kit. This free toolset for PC developers and publishers grants access to services and features of Steam, such as copy protection, auto-updating, social networking, matchmaking, anti-cheat technology, product key authentication and more. More details about Steamworks can be found at partner.steamgames.com

    "In working with developers on the pre-release SDK, our focus has been on making it as easy as possible for them to integrate Steamworks into their games," said Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve. "They get access to these tools and services in a proven, scalable, and simple to work with package that has already been deployed to millions of gamers worldwide."


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