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  • New and improved CircuitCity.com website sells software & game downloads

    New and improved CircuitCity.com website sells software & game downloads

    New and improved CircuitCity.com website contains a digital software download library !!!
  • Uniloc and Plimus Quadruple the Number of FxStudio Downloads in Less Than Two Months

    Uniloc and Plimus Quadruple the Number of FxStudio Downloads in Less Than Two Months

    E-Commerce Platform with Device-Based Authentication Simplifies Access, Trials and Use of Leading Special Effects Software Package

    IRVINE, Calif., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Uniloc USA Inc., the leader in device-based authentication solutions for managing activation and security for software and games, today announced that Aristen recently implemented Plimus' Plimloc(TM), an e-commerce integrated version of the Uniloc SoftAnchor(TM) licensing and copy protection solution in its popular FxStudio special effects creation software for game developers.


    • A growing number of game development studios are turning to Aristen's FxStudio to add realistic effects to their game titles. To accommodate this growth, and meet the requirements of studios from very small to very large, Aristen needed an advanced e-commerce solution that would allow it to deliver the product seamlessly, economically and securely to its customers.
    • Uniloc and Plimus provide a comprehensive solution for unparalleled software delivery, activation and protection, while preserving a positive customer experience. In one mouse click, customers are able to download and try the product immediately, and are required to provide personal information only when ready to purchase.
    • The combined solution of Plimloc with Uniloc SoftAnchor, has enabled the number of FxStudio downloads to quadruple in less than two months.
    • Integrating SoftAnchor with the Plimus e-commerce platform enables Aristen to reach broader markets internationally.
    • The solution improves support of Aristen partners. For example, users can easily download the product and evaluate integration with the popular Emergent Gamebryo Engine.
    • The SoftAnchor solution eliminates piracy concerns and ensures that Aristen's intellectual property is fully protected.

    Supporting Quotes:

    Andrew Kaplan, CEO at Aristen said:

    "The combination of SoftAnchor and the Plimus e-Commerce platform has enabled us to modify our business model and better serve our customers. Now, FxStudio is more accessible, and now even small studios can try the product with the simple click of a button, and begin adding AAA-quality special effects to their game titles immediately."

    Brad Davis, CEO at Uniloc said:

    "Software piracy stifles innovation and seriously impacts software publishers, and the economy. The industry needs a solution to address this issue without having to treat customers like potential criminals. SoftAnchor provides the strongest protection available on the market, without impacting the use of the software by legitimate users."

    For more information about FxStudio, email Aristen at info@aristen.com.

    About Plimus

    Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, web hosting companies and online retailers. Plimus helps companies and publishers of all sizes maximize online revenues and reduce the costs and risks of running an e-commerce operation. The company's award-winning platform offers order management, fraud prevention, export controls, tax management, physical and digital product fulfillment, multi-currency and multi-language support, advanced reporting services, marketing tools, licensing management, an affiliate network, and much more. For more information, visit www.Plimloc.com.

    About Uniloc

    Uniloc offers a patented physical device recognition platform that authenticates the true identity of devices that attempt to access high-value technology assets. Uniloc SoftAnchor manages activation and authentication for software and games. Its flexible real-time licensing model provides support for online, standalone and multi-user licensing. The Uniloc reporting and analysis capabilities enable software vendors and game publishers to improve their offerings and better serve customers. For more information, please visit www.uniloc.com.

    Uniloc and SoftAnchor are trademarks of Uniloc Inc.

    via PRnewswire
  • GameShield Now Delivers Digital Rights Management for Flash Games

    GameShield Now Delivers Digital Rights Management for Flash Games

    Yummy Interactive’s GameShield Version 4.5 Offers Protection and License Management for Flash Game Developers

    VANCOUVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yummy Interactive, Inc. today announced the release of GameShield Version 4.5 that provides protection and licensing options for Flash-based games. By supporting Adobe® Flash applications, GameShield’s Digital Rights Management system delivers new distribution and revenue opportunities for game developers and publishers who create content with Adobe® Flash.

    “Flash developers can leverage GameShield in order to sell their Flash content alongside other types of games on retail websites, or on their own websites, in ways they may not have considered before,” said Christopher Hennebery, Director of Software Distribution at Yummy Interactive.

    With GameShield Version 4.5, Flash application executables can now be protected and packaged in the same way as standard Microsoft Windows® executables are. SWF movies can also be directly protected with minimal effort. Unique to GameShield’s wrapper technology is the ability to embed resource and peripheral files, such as audio, video, dlls and data, along with the source code, into a single wrapped executable.

    “This new version of GameShield provides more than a simple SWF to EXE converter tool for developers, as it will safeguard all their game data,” explained Hennebery. “We want to help developers engage with their customers, by providing them flexible tools that aid them in improving their purchase and registration process. The end-goal is for an end-user to have an optimal experience when they purchase and then play a game.”

    Another enhancement to GameShield Version 4.5 is the ability to wrap and protect multiple executables in a single package, so that more than one game can be included in one download. Upgrades or expansions to the game can also be managed more efficiently and provided transparently to end-users.

    About GameShield

    GameShield is a comprehensive Digital Rights Management software suite for game developers, publishers and retailers. It offers premium copy protection and versatile license management and includes a variety of application and server software to implement a variety of business models. For more information, visit www.gameshield.com.

    About Yummy Interactive, Inc.

    Yummy Interactive, Inc. is a leading global technology provider of software security and digital distribution solutions for video games. Yummy’s products include SoftwareShield and GameShield™, for protection and licensing applications, as well as CONDUIT, Yummy’s commercial delivery platform which enables games on demand services such as downloads, subscription and rentals, account and billing management, streaming, and turnkey APIs for Broadband Service Providers, game publishers and Web portals. For more on Yummy and its products, please visit www.yummy.net.

    © Yummy Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved. GameShield is a trademark of Yummy Interactive, Inc. All other product and brand names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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  • One-Third Of Game Sales Are Used

    One-Third Of Game Sales Are Used

    According to Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan, used game sales account for one-third of the total game sales in a year, coming in at over 100 million units as a $2 billion industry. He claims that game publishers shouldn't worry, though, as these sales occur outside of a new game's launch window and the practice actually drives new game sales by providing additional funds to a potential buyer.

    While the numbers are very interesting, I disagree with Pachter's analysis. Publishers should look at used game sales as two billion dollars of unrealized profits. The behavior shows that consumers are willing to buy games outside of the initial launch window as long as it is at a reduced price. If publishers decreased prices on games on a sliding scale as time went on, pricing the product competitively with used versions, they could capitalize on massive untapped profits.

    This makes the most sense for digital distribution, where product "inventory" just scales as needed for demand. Of course, Pachter believes serious digital distribution of full games on consoles won't happen until 2019. Luckily Microsoft disagrees, and will have classic 360 titles available for download through LIVE by year's end. The biggest challenge to digital distribution for core games isn't really hard drive space (I'd expect to see bigger hard drives with Natal packages come 2010), but retail chains that look unfavorably on day and date digital releases.

    With test cases for digital distribution of older (but still current-gen) games happening this year, and companies like EA approaching game creation less as products than services, I do think the publishers can shift a good deal of that $2 billion used game market into revenue. Which is an important project to focus on, as Pacher's argument about used sales fueling new game sales doesn't really hold up to closer examination.

    The assumption likely rings true for person-to-person sales of used game titles. A used game buyer is saving substantially over a new version of the title, and as a result has more cash on hand to buy a new release. The seller of the used game sees significant revenue from the exchange, which can amount to near half the price of a new title.

    But in a model where GameStop or Best Buy is acting as a third party on the exchange, the margins are so severely in favor of the middleman that publishers should be sweating. A used game seller walks out of the exchange with pocket change, and the new buyer of the title is getting a minimal discount over a new copy. If publishers provided a digital alternative a few months from release at the price of the used title minus the price of a "sale" of the game to a store, the total consumer savings would be the same, and the publishers would be raking in large and otherwise unrealized profits.

    For marketers, game publishers moving to better engage used game buyers will be a very good thing, as digital distribution and games as services both open up new opportunities for brand involvement. Measurement will benefit as well, increasing the tracking of actual title reach from what appears to be the current 66% estimation (based on new game sales) to a more reliable number. The used game market will still exist for a while yet, but I believe it will shrink down along with piracy as publishers and platforms roll out competitive measures.

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  • Steam can cause spikes in retail game sales too

    Steam can cause spikes in retail game sales too

    Steam can cause spikes in retail game sales too screenshot

    When people talk about the inevitable downfall of retail videogames from digital distribution, the one topic that always gets mentioned is undoubtedly Steam. However, Valve is here to set the record straight, and clear up what the company views to be a common misconception.

    Talking to GamesIndustry.biz, Valve’s Doug Lombardi states that “A lot of the ‘Steam is there to compete with retail’ stuff is sort of sensationalized.” Not only do Steam’s free weekends lead to more players, and more digital downloads, but in the case of Left 4 Dead, the promotion also gave the retail Computer and Xbox 360 versions of the popular game an increase in sales.

    “[Steam is] about making the games better,” states Lombardi. “It’s currently a great marketing and promotions channel, and yeah we sell games over it and that’s great, but whether people purchase games at GameStop, or GAME UK, or on Steam, we get paid.”

    “So for us, whichever cash register you want to pay at, that’s fine.” Love the honesty, and you know what, it’s all about consumer choice in the end.

    Via Destructoid & Techchill


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