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  • Solid State Networks Unveils Digital Delivery Application Platform

    Solid State Networks Unveils Digital Delivery Application Platform

    Tempe, Arizona, May 23, 2012 – Solid State Networks, a leading developer of content delivery solutions, today announced the availability of the DIRECT 3 application platform for digital delivery. DIRECT 3 is a third generation technology for application developers, content publishers and ecommerce providers that deliver digital products and services online. Designed for rapid development, DIRECT 3 includes a native client that incorporates the features and functionality needed for most digital delivery applications with support for extensive customization through standard web technologies, including JavaScript, HTML and CSS. DIRECT 3 can support a variety of use cases for digital distribution to consumers and enterprise users, as demonstrated in recent deployments by Adobe Systems for software delivery and BioWare for game delivery and updates.
    The DIRECT 3 solution includes native clients for Windows and Mac operating systems, publishing workflow tools and a reporting system. DIRECT 3 features many specific capabilities required for advanced digital delivery applications, such as versioning, differencing, updating, advanced proxy support, real-time delivery logistics, dynamic payload assembly and the ability to integrate securely with publisher backend systems or third party services. Solid State will announce additional services to be offered in connection with DIRECT 3 and support for other operating systems later in 2012.
    “DIRECT 3 was developed with the benefit of having input from many companies that we have had the pleasure of working with over a period of years. We are excited about our capability to address their many and diverse needs with a single solution,” said Rick Buonincontri, CEO of Solid State Networks. “We are particularly grateful to Adobe and BioWare for their contributions as early adopters.”
    Adobe Systems Delivers Flash Player and Adobe Reader with DIRECT 3
    Adobe’s Flash Player and Reader are among the most downloaded software programs in the world. When Flash and Reader, each delivered in 18 languages, are combined with the products of Adobe’s partners, the result is over 600 product combinations that must be delivered seamlessly to users while maintaining operational manageability. Additionally, the global reach of the Flash and Reader products requires advanced proxy support to ensure that corporate users are serviceable without requiring adjustments to their network policies. Adobe met these and other complex requirements by deploying DIRECT 3 to deliver Flash and Reader to their customer base worldwide.
    “We observed measurable improvements in installation success when we transitioned to delivering Flash and Reader using DIRECT 3,” said Steve Snell, Group Product Manager of Adobe Systems. “We have found DIRECT 3 to be very flexible in its ability to accommodate our evolving business and technical requirements.”
    About Solid State Networks
    Solid State Networks is a developer of industry leading content delivery solutions. Since 2005, the company has worked with leading game and software application developers, content publishers and ecommerce providers to facilitate the digital delivery of content to consumers and enterprise users worldwide. For more information, please visit solidstatenetworks.com.
  • Acquity Group Expands Into Canada

    Acquity Group Expands Into Canada

    Acquity Group Expands Into Canada 300x154 Acquity Group Expands Into CanadaCanada and eCommerce haven’t exactly had the best relationship.
    But that may change in the months and years ahead.
    Just this week, Acquity Group Limited, a global Brand eCommerce and digital marketing company, confirmed plans to expand into Canada.
    “With online consumption in Canada expected to reach $51 billion by 2016,” said Acquity Group in its announcement, “major North American retailers and B2B brands serving the Canadian market have engaged Acquity Group to design elegant yet functional experiences integrated across all digital channels, including web, mobile and social.”
    As of this writing, however, a scant 1% of all retail expenditures in Canada come from online transactions.
    “With a booming technology sector and broad network of strategic partners located in Canada, establishing a physical presence in this market was a natural progression in our expansion,” says Chris Dalton, President and CEO of Acquity Group’s US operations.
    “With the announcement of an Adobe-hybris partnership this past March, it became critical to build a Canadian presence and leverage our triangular partnership,” Dalton adds. “We are excited to offer marketers and retailers a truly engaging buying process for every step – from brand engagement to browsing to check out.”
    So is Acquity Group exactly what Canada needs to help kick-start eCommerce momentum? Only time will tell.
  • Mobile Wallets Have Uphill Climb to Consumer Acceptance

    Mobile Wallets Have Uphill Climb to Consumer Acceptance

    Will mobile wallets take off in the US? If marketers, carriers and other service providers expect technology that allows mobile phones to act as credit or debit cards to gain wide acceptance, they have a lot of work to do to convince consumers to adopt.
    According to March 2012 panel-based research by marketing solutions agency Catapult, just one-quarter of US consumers were at least somewhat interested in using a mobile wallet for in-store purchases. In contrast, 58% were uninterested—including 41% who reported a complete lack of interest. Correspondingly, in January 2012, market research firm TNS found that 60% of US mobile phone users were not interested in mobile wallet technology.

    Interest Among US Consumers in Using Mobile Wallet Technology to Pay for Items In-Store, March 2012 (% of respondents)

    Unsurprisingly, privacy and security were a major concern for respondents to Catapult’s survey. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said a mobile wallet would make them at least somewhat concerned about mobile phone theft—already an issue for many smartphone owners. And even more (91%) said they would worry about maintaining their privacy, including two-thirds who would be “very concerned” about this.
    If those issues weren’t hard enough for proponents of mobile wallets to overcome, another problem remains: convincing consumers of the overall utility of the technology. About one-third of respondents said mobile wallets would be a more convenient way to pay, with 28% specifically citing coupons sent straight to the phone as an anticipated benefit and 24% citing faster checkouts as a draw. But fully half of respondents said they saw no benefit to having a mobile wallet.

    Benefits of Using Mobile Wallet Technology to Pay for Items In-Store According to US Consumers, March 2012 (% of respondents)

    If marketers and service providers are relying on education to convince mobile users that it will be safe to keep even more personal information on their phone, including credit card or bank account info that can be used to carry out purchases via the device, they would do well to keep in mind that it is not only privacy and theft concerns that they will need to overcome. They will also need to educate consumers of the benefits of leaving behind that old-fashioned wallet in favor of a phone.
  • GREE buys Crime City developer Funzio for $210 million

    GREE buys Crime City developer Funzio for $210 million

    Japanese mobile social game network GREE has bought Funzio, the developer behind the popular mid-core mobile and social games Crime City, Kingdom Age and Modern War. According to a GREE spokesperson, the deal was worth $210 million.
    As part of the deal Funzio’s CEO Ken Chiu and COO Anil Dharni will join GREE as senior vice presidents. Funzio’s CTO Ram Gudavalli and VP of engineering Andy Keidel will become vice presidents at GREE.
    The acquisition is GREE’s biggest since April 2011, when the company bought OpenFeint for$104 million in order to bring its lucrative mobile social gaming network to North America.
    Although GREE’s global gaming network won’t launch until sometime this summer, GREE has been busy expanding the service’s game lineup. In the past three months the company has signed content partnerships with Crowdstar, iWinUbisoft, Gameloft, and high profile Chinese developers like Haypi, Hoolai and PunchBox. GREE has also made strategic investments in companies like Japan’s Wizcorp and Vancouver’s IUGO Mobile.
    GREE has also released two first-party games in North America, the card-battle game Zombie Jombie and casual-focused title Alien Family. While GREE’s mobile social network and its games have been extremely successful in Japan, so far the company’s offerings haven’t seen the same level of success in North America.  According to our traffic tracking service AppData,Zombie Jombie and Alien Family are currently the No. 111 and No. 383 top grossing iPhone apps.
    It’s likely GREE decided to buy, rather than invest in Funzio in order to bring a developer with a proven track-record in the North American market in-house. In late 2010, rival DeNA made two similar deals, acquiring Ngmoco and Gameview Studios.
    Funzio currently has three games in the top 25 grossing iPhone apps chart, Crime City at No. 9, Modern War at No. 16 and Kingdom Age at No. 25. Crime City is also currently the No. 12 top grossing Android App in the Google Play store. Funzio games are also available on Google+ and Facebook.
    In 2011 Funzio raised a $20 million round of Series A funding lead by IDG Ventures and IDG Capital Partners. It had been rumored the company was in the early stages of raising a second round that would have valued it at over $350 million, but it appears GREE stepped up before any other offers solidified.
  • Madwire Media partners PayLeap for online payment services

    Madwire Media partners PayLeap for online payment services

    Streamlined online payment experience
    Madwire Media, an internet marketing and design company, is partnering with payment gateway platform and service provider, PayLeap (view press release). Through the deal, Madwire, the designer partner for BigCommerce, will adopt PayLeap’s payment technology, which is already used by the BigCommerce platform. PayLeap will also be offering Madwire Media’s online marketing capabilities to their clients.
    PayLeap provides the payment gateway and services enabling online merchants to securely accept credit, debit and check payments. The company also provides a free virtual terminal, accessible through the web, that enables merchants to accept payments in person or over the phone.
    With PayLeap’s all-in-one payment gateway and merchant account package, our clients are provided a streamlined experience rather than entering into multiple agreements,” said Joe Kellogg, CEO of Madwire Media. “The fact that PayLeap is also integrated into the BigCommerce shopping cart is a huge benefit to our clients as well


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