All Soul Doubt


   The adventists argue that the soul is not a separate part of the human being. The body and soul are one, and therefore if the body is dead - so is the soul. At life a person becomes a living soul. A dead body is not a body without a soul, it is just dead. The Hebrew word for soul is Nephesh, and it can refer to mankind or to animals (Gen 1:20, 2:7). 

   In the New Testament Greek, soul is translated from the word psuche (which is where we get the prefix psy in psychology). It means breath or life or emotions or people (Matt 2:20, 6:25, 10:28; Mark 13:34; Acts 7:14). The adventists argue that in no sense is the soul said to be separate from the body or eternal. 

Neuspeed's S4 is worth every penny 

Sell the house...sell the kids...find someone else. I'm never coming back. 

--Lt. Kirby "Apocalypse Now" 

Much like the wayward lieutenant in Francis Ford Coppola's epic film, I've been seduced by a powerful force. My journey, however, wasn't to the heart of darkness. 

As I’ve said before, we merely cast our nets into the ocean of perversion, and reel in the tunas of tastelessness  is small price to pay for having the freedom to carry a concealed weapon into the local Dildos R Us before stopping off at the drive-thru liquor store for an $8 case of Pabst in a six ton suburban assault vehicle. If I don’t want to watch The 700 Club, I change the channel.
I’m going on record to say that the CJ Staff is the most apple pie sucking, Detroit steel driving, Jack Daniels guzzling, cheerleader humping bunch of American patriots you’ll ever meet. 

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